Your personal German tutor in Stuttgart

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There are many providers of language courses, but often the groups are too large and it is not easy to meet the need of an individual.


We aim to meet each student's requirements, thereby reducing frustration and increasing language ability.


With us, you will receive German teaching which is individually tailored to suit your needs and/or those of your employees.


We will help you, your employees and their families to overcome the initial language barriers, so that you can communicate successfully in the workplace and in the wider community. From the outset, our aim is to help you to feel comfortable living in Germany.


We offer an efficient language training option for corporate and private use, as well as an all-round "post-relocation" service for short and long-term stays in Stuttgart.

One big issue that we are facing for the future is the subject of recruiting skilled personnel. The forecast for the coming years is an increasing demand for skilled professionals. More and more companies are already using European employment agencies in their search for highly skilled labour from abroad. Unfortunately, we also know that many of these employees return to their home countries after a relatively short time.

Why is that? Often it is because of the lack of integration resulting from their lack of language skills.