About us

Language is integration 

"Finding your way in a new city, and in a foreign language, is a challenge for everyone. I have spent several years abroad and I know how hard it is to venture into the unknown, alone or with the family. Often, the lack of language skills is the biggest problem. Only when one begins to speak and understand the language, is it possible to really feel at home in a new country.


With targeted language teaching we can help you to overcome the first language barriers in order to communicate effectively at work and in your leisure time.


I look forward to introducing you to the beauty of the German language, and, at the same time, to be able to help you discover the lively and vibrant city of Stuttgart."


Stephani Konermann

For our "Special Intensive Course for Manager",  highly qualified managers will support the use of German terminology, in the areas such as management accounting, engineering and general business use.